Song Stories

Storm Surge and Bear Town Strong

When Hurricane Florence hit my hometown of New Bern, NC, it was the storm surge that did most of the damage. Throughout the song you can hear ebbs and flows of the chords to represent the water levels slowly rising. The song abruptly stops just like the storm seemed to.

When the storm cleared, the citizens of New Bern rallied together and helped rebuild the town. Bear Town Strong was made to show the resilience of the citizens of New Bern. The lively upbeat party sound is coupled with a steady beat to represent the continued work. The bass line was meant to pay homage to the amazing Cajun Navy who saved numerous lives during the storm. 

After the hurricane, all of the news crews left and New Bern faded from the public view. That said, New Bern continued to repair and come together, even outside of the public eye. The slow fade at the end of the song shows that even as New Bern fades from view, there is still much work to be done. 

Dark Base and Light Base

These songs follow two friends who sneaked onto a top secret government research facility. As the two sneak through the woods surrounding the facility, the steady klaxon signifies that a search team is looking for the friends. Unfortunately for them, they are caught and brought into the base. This is the end of Dark Base.

Light Base finds the friends waking up in a cell within the research facility. One of the friends escapes and attempts to break out the other from his cell. Inside the cell, the friend slowly slaps the cell wall to create the beat. However, once the cell door is opened, the two attempt to make their escape.

The two friends look to leave the facility but find numerous test subjects that are locked up within the facility. The friends evade the guards and get into the control room and let the test subjects free. The song slowly ends as the test subjects, and our friends, overwhelm the guards and find freedom.